ADR Training Courses and Programs Attended by David T. Hunter:

15th Annual NW Dispute Resolution Conference (May 2007) Univ. of Washington School of Law, Seattle, WA (12.75 Hr.)

“Mediators & Lawyers: Building a Relationship that Works”
“Mediating Multiparty Disputes: Understanding the Dynamics”
“The Ethics of Negotiating: Proper Bargaining or Unacceptable Lying?”
“Construction ADR Panels”
“Effective Arbitration Advocacy for Lawyers”
“Ethical Duties of Lawyers in Mediation”
“What Would You Do Next?” (Stop-action discussion of mediation strategies)

“Mediation in Complex Litigation: Psychologies and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies” (May 2007) Washington State Bar Assn. (2 Hr.)

“STAR: A Systematic Approach to Mediation Strategies” (June 2007) 20th Annual Professional Skills Program in Dispute Resolution, Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine Univ. School of Law, Malibu, CA (18 Hr.)

“Specialized Mediation: Handling Challenging Employment, Professional Malpractice and Personal Injury Disputes,”  (Oct. 2007)  Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Peppperdine University School of Law and Vermont Law School, Woodstock, VT (18 Hr.)

LR 39.1 Neutral Training  (Jan./Feb. 2008)  Federal Bar Association for the Western District of Washington (Neutral qualification for the U.S. District Court ADR Program), Seattle, WA (16 Hr.)

“Arbitrating the Mega-Case” (Feb. 2008) ABA Section for Dispute Resolution, Los Angeles, CA (8 Hr.)

“Mediating Truth to Power: Techniques for Responding to Power Struggles, Power Plays and Power Imbalances” (March 2008), King County Bar Assn. Section for Dispute Resolution, Seattle, WA (2 Hr.)

10th Annual ABA Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference, (April 2008), Seattle, WA (18 Hr.)

Plenary: “Hot Topics in Arbitration”
“Upsizing: Building and Operating an Increasingly Profitable and Sustainable Practice”
“The Machiavellian Intellectual Property Mediator”
“The Three-Legged World of Insurance Mediation”
“Multiple Minds and Mindsets in Mediation”
Plenary: “Negotiation and the Gender Guide”
“DRB’s: What They Are and How They Will Revolutionize Resolution of International Disputes”
“International ADR Developments and Trends”
“Unique Aspects of Construction Arbitration”
Plenary:  “The Language of Conflict”
“Mediation and Settlement of Multi-Party Disputes”
“Special Challenges of Trade Secrets in ADR”

“Ethics in Negotiation & ADR” (May 2008) Washington State Bar Assn., Seattle, WA (2.0 Hr.)

Washington State Bar Assn. ADR Comittee’s 2008 Mediation Training Seminar (May 2008), Seattle, WA (2.75 Hr.)

“Mediating the Complex Case: Process Design, Expert and Party Management, and Insurance Coverage”  (June 2008) 21st Professional Skills Program in Dispute Resolution, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University Law School, Malibu, CA (18 Hr.)

“Arbitration Training Course” and “Dispute Review Training Course,”Construction Dispute Resolution Services’ Dispute Resolution Training Institute, (Sept. 2008), Albuquerque, NM (19.5 Hr.)

CIArb Accelerated Membership Program “Arbitration Training Course,” (Sept. 2008), The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators , North American Branch, Was hington D.C. (16 Hr. Workshop + Final Examination); Admitted as Member (MCIArb), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Feb. 2009.)

“Successfully Transitioning to or Starting an ADR Practice,”  (Feb. 2009) ABA Dispute Resolution Section Webinar program (1.5 Hr.)

4th Annual Arbitration Training Institute (Comprehensive Training in Commercial Arbitration), ABA Section of Dispute Resolution (Feb. 2009), San Francisco, CA.  (23 Hr.)

“Serving as an Arbitrator,”  (Mar. 2009), King County Bar Assn, WDTL, WA Assn. for Justice, Seattle, WA.  (2.75 Hr.)

11th Annual Spring Conference, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, (April 2009) New York, NY (18.75 Hr.)

Plenary: “Innovative Lawyering and Problem Solving: Competence, Professionalism, and Increasing Market Share”
“How Companies Select Mediators and Arbitrators”
“Large Complex Construction Disputes: The Dynamics of Multi-Party Mediation”
“Understanding the Basics of Insurance Coverage Disputes”
“Insurance Issues Impacting the ADR Process”   (D.Hunter, presenter)
“Hot New Topics in IP/Technology ADR”
“When the Music Stops:  How to Overcome ‘Insulting’ First Offers, ‘Bad Faith’ Refusals to Negotiate and Other Impasses in Bargaining”
Plenary:  “Around the World in 90 Minutes — Reports On The State of Mediation From the Far Corners of the Earth”
“50 Ways to Break Mediation Impasses”
Plenary:  “Challenging Conflict:  Working Together in the Understanding-Based Approach to Mediation”
“Significant Developments in Arbitration Case Law”
“Taking Stock After the Olympics:  The Role of Sports Arbitration”

16th Annual NW Dispute Resolution Conference (May 2009), University of Washington Law School, Seattle, WA (9.5 Hr.)

“Is That All There Is?:  The ‘Problem’ In Court-Oriented Mediation”
“The Neurobiology Of Agreement:  Engineering Consensus”
“Ethics for Mediators”
“ADR for Complex Cases”
“Deal or No Deal?  Real Mediation Case Studies”
“What Lawyers Expect From Mediators”
“Research Findings on Breaches of Confidentiality”

CIArb Fellowship Training Course in International Commercial Arbitration,  (Oct. 2009) North American Branch, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, New Orleans, LA (16.5 Hr.)  

CIArb International Arbitration Award Writing Examination for Fellowship qualification, (November 2009)  Administered by the North American Branch, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators from Houston, TX (24 Hr.)

WSBA International Practice Section: “International Arbitration Fundamentals,”  (March 2010) Seattle, WA (1.5 Hr.)

Oral Peer Interview/Exam for Fellowship Status, (14 Apr. 2010) Administered by Ann Ryan Roberston, Chairperson, North American Branch, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (1 Hr.);  Admitted as Fellow (FCIArb) by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, 21 April, 2010.

17th Annual NW Dispute Resolution Conference (April-May 2010) Univ. of Wash. Law School, Seattle, WA (8.75 Hr.)

“Fact or Fiction: How we Really Mediate”
“7 Habits of Highly Effective Neutrals”
“The Artful Interview: Lessons Attys and Mediators Can Learn from Journalists”
“Controlling the Discover Monster in Arbitration”
“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
“What Lawyers Expect From Mediators and Vice Versa”
“Ethics in Mediation Agreements:  Roles and Timing”

13th Annual Spring Conference, ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, (April 2011) Denver, CO. (12.75 hr.)

Plenary:  “Bargaining With the Devil; When to Negotiate, When to Fight”
“Arbitration Case Law Update”
“Beyond Mediation Styles: Analytical Mediation — A New Approach to Mediation”
“Advocacy Genius — What Works in Complex Mediation”
“Accelerating the Dispute Resolution Timeline in IP Cases”
“The Mediation Post Mortem: A Model for Enhancing Mediation Learning and Practice”
Plenary:  “Opening Doors — Insights from Autism”
“Trends in Arbitrating Commercial Disputes and Motivations of Corporate Counsel”
“Protecting Medicare’s Interest and Settling Cases:  You Really Can Do Both”
“Challenges and Convergence in International Arbitration”

Total 273.0 Hr.

Updated 7/19/2011